Customer Info

Klair Occupancy Program:

  • We will send you a 35 day letter of notice when we feel that the house is substantially complete.
  • The Site-Supervisor will do his initial pre-occupancy inspection.
  • The site Supervisor then has 2 weeks to get the deficiencies completed.
  • A Pre possession walkthrough is done by our Site Supervisor and you, our newest home owner; approximately 1 week before your possession date.
  • If there are still any issues left, they are to be completed by our sub trades and Site Supervisors before you move in.
  • A final possession walkthrough is done with the you and our Site Supervisor again before you move in; at which time we give you an orientation on your new house where we will explain some basic operations for appliances and features of the house as well as explain warranty service and the home owner care.
  • Klair Custom Homes is dedicated to having your home free from any defects in workmanship and materials for the first year that you are in your home. All we ask is that we receive all service requests in writing through either email or fax.
  • We offer customers Monday - Friday from 9AM to 5PM for our service technicians, as well as either a Saturday or Sunday appointment if needed.


  Type of Inspection Time of Inspection Completed By
1 Initial Site Inspection Before Excavation Site Supervisor
2 Footings Before Pouring Footings Site Supervisor
3 Foundation Wall Before Pouring Walls Site Supervisor
4 Framing Before Insulation Site Supervisor
5 Insulation Before Boarding Site Supervisor
6 Vapor Barrier Before Boarding Site Supervisor
7 Workmanship Throughout Construction Site Supervisor
8 Internal Inspection Construction Complete Site Supervisor
9 Pre-Possession Approx 1 week before possession date Site Supervisor and Customer
10 Customer Turnover Possession Date Site Supervisor and Customer